Buy a VR-EZ

Virtual Reality for all


VR on the go! Any time, any place.

A perfectly formed compact, light and accessible system.

Compatible With Any Smartphone.

Our Vizor range is the latest suite of products, to be launched by VIRSE, as part of our Ambassador packages.

Wherever you go, the VR-EZ can go with you. You'll never miss an opportunity to impress potential new citizens and sign them up to your network.

Vivid and Fabulous Images.

The VR-EZ does not require any additional hardware, you simply clip it to your existing smart phone and are free to introduce potential new citizens to the captivating and immersive world of VR, at any time and any place.

Publish content with Vizor and to VIMarket and track revenue in real-time.

Choose the content you wish to publish, set a price point and category and distribute your VR products and services to millions of Ambassadors within our nation. Developers and content creator will enable premium products and services to be sold directly and revenue will be calculated in real-time, available to manage via your creator Dashboard.